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Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham COVAP High Expression D.O.P. Los Pedroches

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Acorn-Fed Iberian Jamon Alta Expresion of Los Pedroches by COVAP from 100% iberian pigs

Jamon Alta Expresión, produced by COVAP, from pure 100% Iberian pigs fed with acorns in freedom in Pedroches valley fields.

  • Weight aprox: 6,5 kg
  • Breed: 100% Iberian
  • Healing: Min 36 months 
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  • ¡Free delivery for all destinations in Spain (peninsula)!
  • We deliver to all European Union.

Buy your Acorn-Fed Iberian Jamon Alta Expresion of Los Pedroches by COVAP from 100 iberian pigs

An Spanish ham selected for its balance and the purity of the breed, with a deep respect for traditional methods. Each pork ham is unique and of the very highest quality, backed by the official "Los Pedroches" Designation of Origin. This pork ham received the prize for "Best Los Pedroches pork ham" in 2016, as well as the "Superior Taste Award 2016" and in 2018 with the "Superior Taste Award 2018". Now is the time to buy an Ibérico pork ham that will impress even the most demanding palates!

These hams have infiltration of unsaturated fat thanks to their acorn diet, producing a low salt delicious ham with a very unique taste.

Spanish hams identified as “Alta Expresión” (top quality) are from Iberian pigs previously selected because of their DNS and morphological characteristics. These Iberian hams from COVAP, are top of the class hams, as a result of the combination of traditional knowledge and culture mixed with the most technological advances, a combination that produces these exclusive Iberian hams.

“Wisdom, knowledge, patience, and expertise are some of the words that better reflect COVAP´s culture that allows producing this incredible Spanish ham Puro de Bellota D.O. Alta Expresión. Hams like these confirm without any doubt that Iberian hams are the most universal Spanish product, and a key element in Mediterranean gastronomy.
100% pure jamón ibérico “pata negra” (certified) have among other characteristics: 

  • - Grass and acorn fed — “de bellota”
  • - Hormone & antibiotic free
  • - 100% natural — no GMOs
  • - Artisanal & traceable from farm to table.

We, at www.jamonypico.com, will always deliver all our Spanish hams to all our clients in the European Union. Our logistic company delivers all our products to Spanish destinations in less than 3 working days although we always try to make it in maximum 48 working hours. The delivery to the rest of the European Union countries will be approximately 5 working days.

VAT included and ¡Free delivery for all destinations in Spain (peninsula)!


Pork meat, salt and acid regulator (E-331iii), preservatives (E-250 and E-252) and antioxidant (E-301).

Gluten free

Nutritional information (100g):

Energetic Value:
347 Kcal / 1.438 KJ.
Proteins (g): 32 g
Carbohydrates: 0.7 g
Sugar: 0.6 g
Total Fats: 24 g
o.w. Saturated Fats: 9 g
Salt: 4.9 g
Colour: Red, pinkish with streaks of pearly white fat infiltrated in the meat.
External  appearance: Consistent, firm. Slightly flattened shape
Appearance after cutting: Consistent and veined
Texture: Homogeneous, not very fibrous neither softening. Under thumb pressure in the fat layer, it sinks easily.
Smell and taste: The well known and typical smell and taste
Presentation: Whole piece

✅ Tips to buy jamon iberico:

Jamon Iberico of highest quality

When you buy your jamon at www.jamonypico.com you can be quite sure that you have bought a great jamon iberico, because we at www.jamonypico.com only offer jamon from the top brands of the Spanish market: Jamon Covap del Valle de los PedrochesJamones Julián Becerro de Guijuelojamones Ibéricos Fuente la Virgen (Andalucía), Beridico de Azuaga jamón de Navarretinto (Extremadura).

We could offer cheaper jamon ibérico, but its quality would also be lower which could impact in pour clients satisfaction and confidence and that´s something that has always been clear to us, the client comes first and we work with that aim, happy clients are forever and gaining our client´s trust is one of our main pillars.

>> Why is this jamon ibérico cheaper compared to other shops?

As mentioned before, we at www.jamonypico.com work towards our clients’ satisfaction and trust.

When you buy a jamón ibérico in our site, we contact our providers to collect your jamon directly from their warehouses and deliver it to you address.

All the hams are in our providers’ warehouses where the jamon is perfectly stored; we manage the logistics to bring to your house the jamon.

Our business model and structure in combination with strategic alliances with our jamon providers allow us to offer delicious jamon ibérico with accurate prices.

>> Free delivery

All our jamon ibéricos bought at jamonypico.com shipped to Spanish peninsular addresses are for free and you will receive it approx. three working days.

We also deliver to all European Union Countries but in those cases, shipping has an extra cost and the delivery timings are approx. 5 working days.

>> Why buying jamon iberico de cebo campo?

According to Spanish law, the Jamon ibérico de cebo campo could be identified by its green label.

The jamon iberico de cebo campo is produced from Iberian pigs born from Iberian breed pigs crossed with Duroc breed pigs.

These pigs are fed with natural grasses and some fallen acorns that they could find in Andalucía or Extremadura dehesas, besides their diet sometimes could include additional feed.

These Iberian pigs live in freedom in the Spanish fields, that´s why their legs have the classical slender shape, because the pigs are in good shape, they are continuously moving around the fields and aren´t just in a stable.

The jamón ibérico de cebo campo presents infiltrated grasses which empower its taste although not as intense as in jamon ibérico de bellota, but on the other hand their price is lower.

Lots of people ask us if it’s worth it to buy a jamon ibérico de cebo campo or a jamon ibérico de bellota (acorn-fed ham) and we always tell them that jamon ibérico de cebo is a savvy decision, because it´s a healthy product of high quality and limited price.

>> Why buying jamon iberico de bellota?

The jamón ibérico de bellota (acorn-fed ham) is the best jamon of our culture and gastronomy. And among the acorn-fed jamon, the best ones are the jamon iberico 100% Iberian breed, these hams are easily identified by their black labels and ribbons.

The jamon ibéricos de bellota with lower % of Iberian breed have red labels and ribbons.

Independently of the percentage of Iberian breed, the Iberian pigs that produce the jamon de bellota are fed with natural grasses and with acorn fallen in the dehesas during the montanera, the period of time that goes from approx. November to February, which is when pigs gain weight.

These pigs live in freedom in the dehesas, and that´s why their legs are so slender, because they are moving all the way looking for acorns. Due to this continuous physical activity the meat of the jamon has a dark red color and presents infiltrated fat which empowers even more its delicious taste.

Sincerely, if your Budget can afford it, buying a jamón ibérico de bellota is one of the most delicious things you can buy because of its incredible taste, smell and on top of is a very healthy food.

>> What´s best buying, a whole bone-in jamon ibérico or a sliced jamon iberico?

Buying a whole bone-in jamon ibérico or sliced jamon ibérico depends on the time you thinks it´s going to take you eat it but also if you like to slice the ham or not.

Slicing a whole bone-in jamon ibérico demands a Little effort from your side, but it´s also true that as soon as you start slicing the ham, immediately your friends and family come around you to see “your performance” although they mainly join you to start tasting it but also to bring you some wine glass or beer and even sometimes they help you!.

Buying sliced jamon ibérico artisanal sliced by the jamon maestros is a very intelligent option, because the ham is perfectly sliced and packaged in 100 grams envelops and it´s always ready to be served and tasted. You simply have to open the packs 30 min before enjoying the ham, and leaving them on a plate at room temperature to fully taste its flavor and aroma.

A tip that may be could help you is that when you take out the ham from the refrigerator it could be too cold to be served, we recommend you place some water drops in the dish, placed it only with the drops in the microwave to heat the dish and once it’s out of the microwave serve the ham in the dish, so it won´t be so cold, but if you can wait those 20-30 min before serving it will be even better.

>> What´s best buying a whole jamon iberico or a whole paleta iberica?

Buying jamón ibérico or paleta ibérica depends on the time we expect to eat it but also on the budget.

A jamón ibérico weights around 7 - 8 kilos while a paleta ibérica weights approx. 4 -5 kilos, so on total a jamon iberico is more expensive than a same quality paleta, because the difference in weight.

The jamon ibérico correspond to the rear legs of the pigs while paletas ibéricas come from the front legs.

Regarding their quality, the jamon ibérico and the paleta ibérica have exactly the same quality, there´s no difference at all.

If you don´t eat very often the ham, then you rather buy a paleta ibérica, otherwise if you buy a jamon, the jamon will dry and become a Little too hard, if not we recommend you to buy a jamon.

But if you are considering buying sliced ham then you don´t have to worry for its conservation, you simply place it in the refrigerator, not the freezer.

It´s true that some people say that buying a jamón ibérico or paleta ibérica only depends on the time it´s going to take us eat it to avoid it becoming too dry and hard, because taste, flavor and quality are identical.

Nevertheless, we are sure you will make the right decision!

>> Authorized distributors of COVAP

Since 2014 www.jamonypico.com is proud authorized distributor of COVAP

4987 Items

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Acorn or grass fed
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Ham, shoulder or other delicatessen
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