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Spanish hams and Iberian shoulders besides all Iberian delicatessen of COVAP 

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COVAP Cooperative

It is 1959. Our impetus was that of a group of determined men and women supported by our families. Without knowing it, we were creating the embryo of the current cattle cooperative. From determined and hardworking men, marked by a land in which the holm oaks of the pasture north of Córdoba have their roots, a project emerged more than 50 years ago that would revolutionize the lives of the inhabitants of the Pedroches Valley, from La Serena and from the Alcudia Valley. It was a cooperative that was going to show the world that the union could cope with the precariousness of a poorly communicated region, where the agrarian reforms undertaken in the previous two centuries had been totally insufficient, where recurrent droughts and diseases caused ruined the hopes of hundreds of small ranchers and farmers. These circumstances, together with the dominant situation of the intermediaries, were decisive for a group of farmers, in the mid-1950s, to get together to buy cereals together to feed their cattle and, at the same time, to market in common their lambs, becoming both operations - the purchase of cereals and the marketing of lambs - in the first two and essential actions of the cooperative movement that was developing. Fifty years have passed, but that spirit of union, work, sacrifice and love for the land and the animals is still alive in us, in our children and grandchildren. Over the years, and faithful to that founding spirit, we have taken definitive steps to reach the current COVAP, with a powerful dairy, meat and animal feed industry. Throughout its history, La Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches has created a new agri-food concept, beyond agriculture and traditional livestock, with sufficient capacity to lead and articulate the sustainable development of the rural environment where we were born. The joint work of farmers and cooperative workers, their commitment and honesty, constitutes the first value of COVAP, and the most absolute guarantee for the future.

www.jamonypico.com has been an authorized COVAP distributor since 2014

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Cheese box with a selection of COVAP´s high-quality cheeses

COVAP Cheese Case

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Cheese box with a selection of COVAP´s high-quality cheeses in wedges (200g each). These are the cheeses: 1 Cured Pasteurized Sheep’s...
Cheese Mature by COVAP, made with 100% pasteurized sheep´s milk,, which results in a soft taste and flavour cheese

COVAP Cured Sheep Cheese - Half

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Mature Cheese by COVAP, made with 100% pasteurized sheep´s milk. Hard and solid appearance, firm and compact texture, subtle aroma and ivory...
Semi-Cured Cheese by COVAP, made with 100% pasteurized sheep´s milk. This is a mild creamy cheese with a very pleasant flavor.

COVAP Semicured Sheep Cheese - Half

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Semi-Cured Cheese by COVAP, made with 100% pasteurized sheep´s milk. This is a mild creamy cheese with a very pleasant flavor. Weight...
Queso Torremilano COVAP de Oveja. Queso añejo elaborado con leche cruda de oveja siguiendo la receta tradicional. Sabor fuerte e

Torremilano COVAP Sheep Cheese - Half

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Torremilano Cheese by COVAP, made with 100% raw milk, according to our traditional recipe, which results in a robust cheese with an intense...
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