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Iberian Chorizo by Navarretinto


The Spanish chorizo, an international and classic spanish product with a supreme taste. This extraordinary chorizo is made from 100% iberian pigs fed with acorn

Aprox weight: 1kg

 Can be shipped within aprox 3 days.


VAT included and ¡Free delivery for all destinations in Spain (peninsula)!

We also deliver our Spanish hams and delicatessen to all European Union countries.

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The Spanish chorizo, an international and classic spanish product with a supreme taste.

The chorizo made by Navarretinto is produced from 100% iberian pigs fed with acorn. The Chorizo is cased in natural tripe and subject to a drying and maturing process  

To produce it, Navarretinto selects 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork membrane and fat, ground and marinated and in a natural process adds salt, La Vera paprika, sugars, spices and preservatives

Keep in a cool, dry place. Once opened, conserve between 4 and 6ºC and consume within 30 days.

We, at www.jamonypico.com, will always deliver all our Spanish chorizos to all our clients in the European Union without shipping costs. Our logistic company delivers all our products to Spanish destinations in less than 3 working days although we always try to make it in maximum 48 working hours. The delivery to the rest of the European Union countries will be approximately 5 working days.

We, at www.jamonypico.com, will always deliver all our Spanish products to all our clients in the European Union.

✅ Tips to buy chorizo iberico:

Chorizo iberico of highest quality

When you buy your chorizo at www.jamonypico.com you can be quite sure that you have bought a great chorizo iberico, because we at www.jamonypico.com only offer chorizo from the top brands of the Spanish market: COVAPJulián Becerro de GuijueloBeridico de Azuaga Navarretinto (Extremadura).

We could offer cheaper chorizo iberico, but its quality would also be lower which could impact in our clients satisfaction and confidence and that´s something that has always been clear to us, the client comes first and we work with that aim, happy clients are forever and gaining our client´s trust is one of our main pillars.

>> Why is this chorizo iberico cheaper compared to other shops?

As mentioned before, we at www.jamonypico.com work towards our clients’ satisfaction and trust.

When you buy a chorizo ibérico in our site, we contact our providers to collect your chorizo directly from their warehouses and deliver it to you address.

All the chorizos and all other Spanish delicatessen are in our providers’ warehouses where the chorizo is perfectly stored; we manage the logistics to bring to your house the chorizo.

Our business model and structure in combination with strategic alliances with our providers allow us to offer delicious chorizo ibérico with accurate prices.

>> Free delivery

All salchichon ibérico bought at jamonypico.com shipped to Spanish peninsular addresses have free shipping and you will receive it in approx. three working days.

We also deliver to all European Union Countries but in those cases, shipping has an extra cost and the delivery timings are approx. 5 working days.

>> Why buying a chorizo de bellota?

The chorizo ibérico de bellota (acorn-fed chorizo) is the best chorizo of our culture and gastronomy.

Independently of the percentage of Iberian breed, the Iberian pigs that produce the chorizo de bellota are fed with natural grasses and with acorn fallen in the dehesas during the montanera, the period of time that goes from approx. November to February, which is when pigs gain weight.

Sincerely, if your budget can afford it, buying a chorizo ibérico de bellota is one of the most delicious things you can buy because of its incredible taste, smell and on top of is a very healthy food.

  • Ham, shoulder or other delicatessen Delicatessen
  • Acorn or grass fed Acorn
  • Whole or sliced Whole
  • Origin Extremadura