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Pata negra shoulder from Guijuelo Top Quality sliced


Buy Iberian Pata negra Guijuelo shoulder

Guijuelo pata negra shoulder artesanally sliced with knife, obtained from Iberian acorn-fed pigs from Extremadura and Andalucía healed in Guijuelo, . 

Approx. Weight: 1,8 kg (12 packages of 150g each)

Breed: 75% Iberian

Healing: Min 24 months

VAT included

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Buy Iberian acorn-fed Pata negra Guijuelo shoulder

This Guijuelo pata negra iberian shoulder has been obtained from Iberian pigs (75% iberian breed) born and raised in Extremadura and Andalucía regions and fed in liberty with acorns. Hams are produced and healed in Guijuelo mountains.

This delicious pata negra shoulder from Guijuelo has been produced following artisanal recipes in combination with the most modern techniques and procedures with the highest quality levels.

 The combination of Guijuelo unique location and weather conditions with  the tradition and expertise of Juan Martín Herrero family over more than 100 years besides the  exceptional DNA quality of these Iberian pigs born and raised in Andalucía and Extremadura dehesas result in these unique pata negra shoulders.

This set is made of one single shoulder  that has been resulting in approx. 12  packages of 150 grams of pure pata negra shoulder. We fully recommend you to open the packs 30 min before enjoying the ham, and leaving them on a plate at room temperature to fully taste its flavour and aroma.

Remember you have to preserve in the refrigerator but not to freeze it.

We, at www.jamonypico.com, will always deliver all our Spanish hams and shoulders to all our clients in the European Union. Our logistic company delivers all our delicatessen products to Spanish destinations in less than 5 working days. The delivery to the rest of the European Union countries will be approximately 10 working days.

  • Ham, shoulder or other delicatessen Shoulder
  • Acorn or grass fed Acorn
  • Whole or sliced Sliced
  • Origin Guijuelo