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Resido en pueblo de la provincia de Barcelona, aun asi todo fue perfecto, se cumplieron los plazos de...

Category : Iberian Pata Negra Shoulder Fuente la Virgen

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Pata negra acorn-fed iberian shoulder Iberian acorn fed shoulder from iberian pigs, raised and fed in freedom in Andalucía, resulting an incredible high quality Spanish pata negra super shoulder. Weight: 5,5 kg aprox Breed: 75% Iberian Healing: 24 to 36 months approx VAT included Free delivery...


Sliced Spanish pata negra acorn-fed shoulder by Ibéricos Fuente la Virgen Pata Negra acorn-fed shoulder from 75% iberian pigs from Andalucía fields, sliced by our artisans Weight: 5 packages of 100grams each Breed: 75% Iberian Healing Time: 24 to 36 months approx VAT included and ¡Free delivery...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items