How to slice a Spanish ham: knife & ham holder (part 1)

maestros_cortadores_de_jamonArtisans slicing iberian ham

We initiate a short post series dedicated to give some advice about how to cut a Spanish ham.

Two are the main and basic elements for cutting an Spanish ham or Spanish shoulder:

1. A knife. The knife should be a long and flexible one which will help us to cut the ham in very slim slices.

Iberian knife

Iberian-ham-knife for slicing iberian ham from

2. And the ham holder, which could be made of wood, metl and with different shapes but always with the same purpose, trimming the ham.

ham holder made of wood

ham holder made of wood to slice iberian ham of

Sometimes and depending on the area of the ham that you want to slice you would need a small and sharp knife.

It´s true that ham-knifes are quite big and could seem dangerous, but what is really important is the sharpness of the knife, which will help to produce the right slices and diminish all possible risks

Professional ham cutters besides the knife use tongs to pick up the Spanish ham slices.

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